Carrello by Currie Organic Hair Products

This summer I headed back to Currie Hair Salon in Glen Mills to get my color refreshed with some balayage. Ever since I started balayage I have been obsessed with it. In fact, I do not think I will ever go back to foils. I feel like my hair has been healthier since started balayage and it’s so much faster. I have also made a point to use the right products when I do wash my hair (which is really only once a week if I can make it!)

I was lucky enough to have my appointment with Trinh at the salon who is just about a hair color genius. She matched my hair color perfectly to the extensions I have been wearing non-stop this summer (post coming soon). She also taught me how to do effortless waves with a curling iron which I am still perfecting. Seriously, how do hair stylists always make it look so easy?

While I was getting hair done, we also talked about what I was doing to keep my hair healthy etc. Now I had to admit, that I do not have a favorite shampoo or conditioner that I always go back to. I have tried so many but do not live off of one, so I was excited to try the new organic hair line from Currie called Carrello that is perfect for all hair types.

The Carrello beauty line is actually created and imported from Italy with organic materials infused with olive oil so I was excited to test them out. First, they smell amazing which is always my favorite thing when washing my hair. I tried the olive and lavender scent which makes the best pairing. Who knew? My hair seriously felt so clean after using the products and I actually felt like the shampoo was very clarifying to get all the dry shampoo out of my scalp (guilty). The conditioner also left my hair very soft but because I have such dry hair from using a curling rod during the week I added the volumizing mask to help with moisture! Finally, I used a couple drops of the treatment oil and applied it to the ends of my hair before using my blow dryer to lock in some of the moisture. I felt like it really helped my ends look polished and healthy with not getting a regular trim in the summer.

If you are looking to try out a new salon in the Philly area and/or in search of the perfect organic products for your hair, I highly recommend Currie and Carrello! All Carrello products can be bought at Currie Hair Salon in Glen Mills and also online .


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