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It’s back to school time for this teacher. I really can’t believe it. Seriously, where did the summer go? As with every August, there is a tug of war in my heart between wanting summer to never end and the excitement of getting cute outfits to teach in for back to school. Finding cute teaching outfits that are affordable, appropriate, and stylish can be tricky at times. However, over the years I have come down with a favorite combination of looks that I wear throughout the school year. These looks are truly my style and I have found a way to almost wear everything I buy in and out of the classroom. Finding your teacher style, I think is really important in the end. I truly believe if you feel good in what you are wearing it translates into your whole attitude and day. I got a lot of questions on my back to school outfits, so without wasting anymore time, here is my teacher style broken down :

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a mix between feminine, boho, and super girlie. I also love to throw in a fun trend! I will always wear whatever I feel is overall flattering and that I feel like “me” in. So mostly, you will find me in dresses!

What are the three pieces you feel most confident teaching in and why?

  1. Midi Skirts: They are the perfect length for the classroom and give such a flattering silhouette with a tucked in blouse. I love ones with pleated details and fun patterns! However, I also try to get skirts in basic colors as well and in different fabrics like faux leather as they go with everything.
  2. Midi Dresses: Again, the midi length is perfect for a dress in a more conservative profession like teaching. However, I love any dress that passes my “too short” test for school. I literally bend down (like I am picking up a pencil) and see if it seems like the dress will be suitable for school! Fool proof. Dresses are also my go-to in the winter with over-the-knee boots. I also pair dresses at this time with tights and shorter booties. My favorite dresses have pretty sleeves filled with embroidery and embellishments.
  3. Structured Blouses: If I am wearing a midi skirt, I always try to pair it with a blouse that I can tuck into my skirt. I feel like that puts my look all together. It can’t be a top that is too loose or looks sloppy. Blouses that are button down are adorable for a more preppy look (JCrew does these well). I also love a top with a higher neck, ruffle details on the sleeves, and those made of a heavier fabric.

What are your wardrobe staples for teaching:

Dresses and skirts are always incorporated into my wardrobe. Unless, its jean day and then cue the overalls or mom jeans. Yes, I do wear those to school. My favorite dresses are a-line or what my best friend likes to call my cupcake dresses. I am also obsessed with midi skirts for school because they are appropriate, trendy, and the perfect length for booties! Maxi dresses are also fun to wear to school with over the knee boots! Who said you can’t be a boho teacher?! In terms of tops, I love a simple tee tucked into a skirt. I try to get them in all different colors especially neutrals because they go with everything. I also love a top with pretty details such as eyelet, ruffles, or embroidery. I pair these with my more basic skirts because I love to mix textures as well. Oh and I love kimonos when it gets cold.  Kimonos are perfect to keep warm in a cold classroom and I happen to love one with a funky pattern like this.

Midi Skirts:







What shoes last the whole school day?

To be honest, the first days of school are the worst for your feet. No matter what you wear, you are never ready for all the walking around you do between running around the classroom and last minute copies. I always try to wear shoes that are not brand new these first days. It’s important for me to also be comfortable and depending on your school dress policy, open toe shoes are great for these first days. I also tend to find any shoe with a little heel or wedge to be more comfortable than flats, although I love a cute pink ballet flat! My go-to shoes are definitely boots (ankle boots and over the knee boots for when it gets colder). I find them super comfortable and love how they add a little style to any outfit.

Some favorites:


How do I stay fashionable but comfortable and conservative at the same time?

Teaching is definitely a conservative profession. It is important to wear clothing that is appropriate and comfortable. However, at the same time I think its still a profession where everyone should be able to showcase their unique style.  I always ask myself a couple questions when I am thinking about my outfit for school:

  • Does the outfit I am wearing make me feel like myself?
  • Is there any part of my outfit that I keep looking at or messing with? If so, this will happen all day and I will not be comfortable.
  • Do I need to add a layer or jacket in case the classroom is cold? I always have something to put over a dress or top for the air-conditioning. Then I can always take this off for outdoor recess.

My favorite looks always involve a flowy midi skirt or dress. I really do not like anything that is form fitting or tight around my bottom in general so it’s an easy style formula for me. I can’t tell you enough how many babydoll and a-line dresses I own because to me they are the most comfortable teaching in and just my style.

How do you transition your wardrobe from season to season?

Layer, layer, layer! I always start the school year still wearing a lot of my summer dresses. If they already have short sleeves (which I love) then they are perfect. If a dress or top does not have sleeves, then I try to throw on a jean jacket or kimono depending on the look. I always invest in a couple different jackets that I can layer on throughout the year in the classroom. It is also fun to mix up your look with a leather or suede jacket. It looks cute and suddenly makes any outfit ready for school!

My favorite way to style a skirt

What are my favorite stores to shop?

Oh this is a hard one. Something I LOVE to do is hunt for pretty dresses and skirts so I am a bit everywhere. I used to love going to stores to shop but since a lot of stores will now do free shipping and returns, I often find that convenience hard to pass by. My favorites right now include: Jcrew, Loft, Madewell, Nordstrom, Asos, H&M, Target, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Zara, and Anthropologie. My favorite brands to search for are: Moon River, English Factory, J.O.A, Endless Rose, Line and Dot, ASTR the Label, and After Market.

What do your mornings look like?

I try to get done as much as I can at night so my mornings aren’t too crazy. I actually try to pack my lunch at night and make sure my bags are packed so I do not forget anything. This I learned from my sister who is an incredibly organized and an overall very put together person. I also have a later school schedule so I do not need to be at my school until technically 8:40 am. Therefore, I try to get up around 6:00 to get a quick workout in. I often just do a quick Beachbody or Tone It Up video that’s a half hour. Easy and quick! If that does not happen, I try to get a quick run in after school at least 3 times a week.  When all is said and done, I am typically showered by 7:30 and getting dressed. My makeup routine is pretty simple. I swear by It Cosmetics CC Cream, a little bronzer,  Stila Blush, and Two Faced Mascara. I’ve also yet to put my Luxy hair extensions in for a school day but I think I will now since I can now do it under 5 minutes! So I will then just use a quick curling rod to messy wave my hair if needed. Once dressed, I am grabbing my breakfast and lunch. Making coffee real quick, taking a quick OOTD in my mirror for instagram, and I am out the door!


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